SALIDA RETREAT is a sustainable project, built by peaceful, visionary people to create a place in Portugal under ecological, sustainable and valuable aspects to live and work together respectfully, appreciatively in harmony with nature, to recover, to heal. SALIDA RETREAT is a place to arrive, rest and be. 
We want to give people a happy (out)time and show alternative sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living. This means that SALIDA is a place where the focus is on the human being as an individual with all his or her needs, but still in a harmonious connection with nature and the environment. Our time and our society present us as humanity with great challenges. Environmental destruction and increasing burnout illnesses, lack of perspective and stress require a rethink in society. SALIDA RETREAT offers a variety of solutions through seminars and workshops. Whether you simply want to rest, attend a seminar, work online, or simply find yourself, recover and recharge, many things are possible in an environment supported by fundamental values and a non-violent culture for people, animals and the environment.



Wir wollen Menschen eine glückliche (Aus)Zeit schenken und alternative nachhaltige und umwelt-freundliche Lebensweisen aufzeigen. Dies bedeutet, dass SALIDA RETREAT ein Ort ist, an dem der Mensch als Individuum mit all seinen Bedürfnissen im Mittelpunkt steht, aber dennoch in einer harmonischen Verbindung mit Natur und Umwelt. Unsere Zeit und unsere Gesellschaft stellt uns als Menschheit vor große Herausforderungen. Umweltzerstörung und zunehmende Burnout Erkrankungen, Perspektivlosigkeit und Stress erfordert ein Umdenken in der Gesellschaft. SALIDA RETREAT bietet mit Seminaren und Workshops verschiedenste Lösungen an. Ob einfach auszuruhen, ein Seminar besuchen, online zu arbeiten, oder einfach nur zu sich zu finden, sich zu erholen und aufzutanken, vieles ist möglich in einer von Grundwerten, sowie einer gewaltfreien Kultur für Mensch, Tier und Umwelt getragenen Umgebung. 

Way of life

Portugal offers a pleasant climate, liberal policies and a low cost of living. The nuclear-free, peaceful country thus offers the best conditions for visionaries, for free development and to come to rest... Arrive. Rest. Be. The accommodation options are very diverse and flexible. We offer lovingly furnished rooms in the main house, or in the tiny house, in the mobile home, or in the tipi tent. Further self-sufficient flat houses for 2-4 people are being planned. The large saltwater pool offers refreshing cooling and the resting platforms around the pool invite you to relax and unwind. The cuisine is predominantly vegan and organic whenever possible. A large part of the food is produced by home-grown and regional agriculture.

Die Wohnmöglichkeiten sind sehr vielfältig und flexibel. Wir bieten liebevoll ausgestattete Zimmer im Haupthaus, oder im Tiny-Haus, im Wohnmobil, oder im Tipi-Zelt an. Weitere autarke Appartementhäuser für 2-4 Personen sind in Planung. Der große beheizte Salzwasser-Pool bietet das ganze Jahr eine erfrischende Abkühlung. Die schön gestalteten Ruheplattformen rund um den Pool laden zum entspannen und relaxen ein.

Die Küche ist vegan/vegetarisch und nach Möglichkeit in Bio-Qualität. Ein Großteil der Lebensmittel wird durch Eigenanbau und regionale Landwirtschaft erzeugt.


SALIDA RETREAT strives for the greatest possible self-sufficiency. This is achieved in the area of water with three wells, electricity generation via a photovoltaic system and healthy food through self-cultivation of vegetables and fruit. Sources of income are the renting of rooms, tiny houses etc. and the organisation of seminars in the fields of yoga, meditation, nutrition, sports, health, wellness and healing. Active weeks with hikes, horseback rides and excursions round off the SALIDA offer.
Active weeks with hikes, rides and excursions round off the SALIDA offer.

Unser Objekt befindet sich in Zentralportugal, in der Nähe von Lissabon. Lissabon bietet eine Vielfalt von kulinarischen, kulturellen und musikalischen Angeboten.

Founder Team

The visionaries come from the fields of education, health, animal education, gastronomy and tourism.

The awareness that we are in an accelerating change drives me to create a place of peace and tranquillity. The aim is to strengthen ecological transformation and inner growth and freedom.

Konrad Harle


Social and sustainable issues are particularly close to my heart. I see a life in a community as a sustainably meaningful and for me personally very enriching form of a sustainable way of life.

Heike Rudolf


It fills me with joy to be in the company of people, to develop together, to enrich myself and to realise projects, e.g. in the development of sustainable ecological living spaces. 

Stefan Ring



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