Get out. Arrive. To be.


SALIDA is a sustainable project, built by peaceful, visionary people from different backgrounds to create a place in Portugal with ecological, sustainable and valuable aspects that brings like-minded people together to live and work together respectfully and appreciatively in harmony with nature, with a self-sufficient, crisis-proof energy supply. SALIDA is a place to get out, arrive and be.



We want to give people a happy (out)time and show alternative sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of living. This means that SALIDA is a place where the focus is on the human being as an individual with all his or her needs, but still in a harmonious connection with nature and the environment. Our time and our society present us as humanity with great challenges. Environmental destruction, climate change on the one hand, increasing burnout illnesses, lack of perspective and stress on the other hand require a rethink. SALIDA offers solutions and is also a platform for people who want to contribute their ideas and experiences. Living and working in a community with ethical values and a non-violent culture for people, animals and the environment. 

Way of life

Portugal offers a pleasant climate, liberal policies and a low cost of living. The nuclear-free, peaceful country thus offers the best conditions for visionaries, free development and to come to rest. In concrete terms, we offer people the opportunity to step out, to arrive and to be. The uniqueness of SALIDA lies in the fact that it offers the possibility to live permanently with like-minded people or to stay as a guest for a limited period of time.

Another supporting pillar besides ecology and economy is the social aspect at SALIDA.

The accommodation options are very diverse and flexible. SALIDA offers both tiny houses and eco-lodges with various individual features, as well as farm camping.

The cuisine is vegan and organic whenever possible. Much of the food is produced through home-grown, permaculture and regional agriculture.


SALIDA is self-supporting and offers the residents jobs and sources of income by organising seminars in the areas of yoga, meditation, nutrition, sports, health and wellness.  Active weeks with hikes, horseback rides and excursions round off the SALIDA offer.

The project is financed with equity and investor funds.

Founder Team

The visionaries come from the fields of education, health, animal education, gastronomy and tourism.

The awareness that we are in an accelerating change drives me to create a place of peace and tranquillity. The aim is to strengthen ecological transformation and inner growth and freedom.

Konrad Harle


Social and sustainable issues are particularly close to my heart. I see a life in a community as a sustainably meaningful and for me personally very enriching form of a sustainable way of life.

Heike Rudolf


It fills me with joy to be in the company of people, to develop together, to enrich myself and to realise projects, e.g. in the development of sustainable ecological living spaces. 

Stefan Ring



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